What We Do

Activities and developments will always have some impact on our environment. Often these impacts must be assessed and mitigated against.

An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a technique for ensuring that the likely effects of a new development on the environment are fully understood and taken into account before the development is allowed to proceed.

However, this does not mean we should hinder our progression or limit our opportunities - we just need to act sustainably. Hence the reason, for incorporating all social issues within the framework of environmental consulting.

Batho Earth can assist in identifying the specific requirements of the National Environmental Management Act, 1998 (NEMA) as amended in 2014, which provides the legal framework for the correct use and management of the environment, as many developments undertaken by both public and private sector organisations require, by legislation, an Environmental Impact Assessment.

Furthermore, the White Paper on Population Policy (April 1998) makes us aware of our responsibility to ensure that population trends are consistent with the achievements of sustainable development, in order to enhance the quality of life of all people.  A Social Impact Assessment is thus a useful tool to assist the project proponent to conceptualise and implement a project in a manner which would see the identified negative social impacts addressed through avoidance or mitigation and the positive impacts realised and optimised.  It would also allow the affected communities to anticipate and plan for and deal with the social changes once they come into effect to ensure continued quality of life.